Direction180 - We assist opioid dependent populations reach their full potential.     |     Halifax, Nova Scotia     |     P: 902-420-0566

About Us

Our Vision

To help opioid dependent populations reach their full potential, including physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

About Direction 180

Direction 180 is a community-based methadone clinic located in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This non-profit organization has been running since 2001 as a program of the Mic Mac Native Friendship Center. Direction 180 employs a low-threshold concept that can offer treatment regardless of whether a client discontinues the use opioids or other drugs. This program was designed and implemented based on a harm-reduction model.
Harm-reduction models/programs are based upon a set of principles that aim at reducing the harmful consequences associated with illicit drug use, such as; intravenous drug use, needle-sharing, and criminal offences. Direction 180 aids in the overall care of clients in efforts to improve the client’s quality of life, living conditions, mental/psychological states, and physical health. This is achieved by the provision of methadone, counseling, advocacy, and medical monitoring.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is variously considered a lifestyle choice, a genetic quirk, a chemical imbalance, medical or psychiatric disorder or a failure of moral will. Addiction is a topic on which everybody seems to hold an opinion - but on which few agree. Some people seem more vulnerable to addiction than others. Those without an addiction have difficulty to understand those who do. The core and defining feature of true addiction – is a powerful, lingering and unexplainable compulsion that will dramatically alter your mental state and sense of being.

Direction 180 recognizes that an addiction is more than just a physical dependency; rather it becomes a life-style and mental craving. Sometimes after the dilaudids, morphine, or heroin have been replaced with methadone people find it hard to leave behind the old life-style and mental state that they lived in as an ‘active addict’. It can be the poke, a snort, or the chase that is difficult to leave behind right away. Substituting opioids with crack or coke is a trend that sometimes occurs during this transition. Recovery refers to a process of learning to enjoy life - without the use of illicit drugs. Direction 180 aims to facilitate their clients recovery through counseling, case management, medical supervision, and provision of methadone. Direction 180 provides a non-judgmental, understanding, and welcoming atmosphere in which clients can start their road to recovery.