Direction180 - We assist opioid dependent populations reach their full potential.     |     Halifax, Nova Scotia     |     P: 902-420-0566

Welcome to Direction 180

Direction 180 is a community-based methadone clinic located in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This non-profit organization has been running since 2001 as a program of the Mic Mac Native Friendship Center. Direction 180 employs a low-threshold concept that can offer treatment regardless of whether a client discontinues the use opioid or other drugs. This program was designed and implemented based on a harm-reduction model. Harm-reduction models/programs are based upon a set of principles that aim at reducing the harmful consequences associated with illicit drug use, such as; intravenous drug use, needle-sharing, and criminal offences. Direction 180 aids in the overall care of clients in efforts to improve the client’s quality of life, living conditions, mental/psychological states, and physical health. This is achieved by the provision of methadone, counselling, advocacy, and medical monitoring.